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Massage Therapy Alliance of America Membership Enrollment Drive

Therapists Now Have A Voice!!!

The Massage Therapy Alliance of America, is an independent, non-profit organization created for massage therapists and students by massage therapists, and has begun its General Membership Drive.
Charter membership is $35 a year annually for life. Please join at this incredible rate before the increase for membership.

 As an organization that has been established by therapists - for therapists, there is one primary membership category: Massage Therapist! In addition, there is a Non-voting Member category for students.

Information on membership benefits and structure about the Alliance is available on the website. You can join online, by using the secure system on the website.

About the Alliance: The Massage Therapy Alliance of America is a voice, advocate and resource for massage therapists. It has been created to serve the entire sector - from student to veteran therapist. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at
Massage Therapy Alliance of America

Darcy Neibaur Treasurer  Massage Therapy Alliance of America


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So much has developed with Massage Therapy Alliance of America in such a short period of time. I do not want any therapists to miss out. Our Board of Directors are doing atremendous job working for all therapists. With Pat Donohue,  President, and Joe Ferguson, Vice President,  leading us we have an invaluable amount of experience. Now we add Laura Allen to the mix. Thank you Laura for being willing to take on another service position for our profession. I am excited as to what is going to develop with this Alliance in the very near future. I hope all therapist will take advantage of this introductory rate of $35 a year annually for life. 

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