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I’ve been in the Massage Therapy business for over 13 years and have recently decided to move provinces. I am selling my mobile practice. I am a Registered Sports Massage Therapist and am looking for someone with a similar education background to transfer my clients to. I am looking for someone with at least a minimum of a 2200 hour Massage Therapy Diploma Certification. You must have knowledge of orthopaedic assessment. I am open to a sale with someone working in a clinic looking to recruit my clients back into a clinic setting. With the sale of my practice you will receive:

1. My database with over 250 names and addresses.

2. A mailing with your contact details and explanation of the transfer to my clients.

3. Techniques I have developed that I use extensively with my clients, and reduce the massage workload on the therapist. It is an amalgamation of techniques I have learned such as Osteopathic Myofascial release and Active Release.

4. You will accompany me during a few treatment sessions on very extreme and special case files.

5. My mobile system which allows you to bring the clinic to the home.

6. A summary of all previous client history.

7. 6 months of case file support.

8. Network of medical professionals to refer to and receive referrals from.

In the past, I have worked extensively with NHL players, Cirque Du Soleil, Olympic Athletes, marathon runners and running groups, and high profile clients. My reputation in Montreal is extensive and well known. The transfer of my practice will greatly enhance your current practice. Serious inquiries only. Price will be discussed.

Eliza Desmarais, RMT

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HI Eliza. If you could email me at my address, I'd appreciate it. It's

I wish you luck in the sale of your business.  I'm sure it takes a while to find just the right therapist.

I am also looking to sell mine and have a few questions that you could potentially help me with, If you wouldn't mind too much. Any input you could share would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.


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