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Music Masage Tables and Sound Healing...Does anyone have table like mine and do you use sound healing?

Greetings fellow massage therapists!

I've got a Sonic Attunement Table made by inventor/carpenter, Leo Palombo that I do bodywork on. It's got 50 piano strings tuned to the same note on the under-bellie which vibrate via the table's resonating chamber just like a guitar, only much sturdier to handle the weight of a client. I use it to help stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system depending on the state of the client at any given moment (usually a little at the beginning and end of a session because it provides great overall before and after sensory feedback for the client as well). Having studied Somatic Expressive Arts with Jamie McHugh and sacred vocal music from around the world via Siliva Nakkach, I'll also incorporate singing which transports people to wonderful places in their healing.

Does anybody incorporate work similar to this into their sessions and/or have a table like mine? I'd love to meet folks in our field doing similar work and have some kind of conference here at our school, ASIS Massage Education in Clarkdale, AZ.

Peace to you...
Bradley D. Blalock, LMT
ASIS Massage Education ◊ Arizona School of Integrative Studies
Administrator and
Workshop Coordinator or

701 S. Broadway
Clarkdale, AZ 86324
Toll free 866/334-3348

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Check this out! Too cool. Is there any way to get a table to the Festival this year to feature and have all the therapists look at? This could really open up some new worlds for different therapists. Thanks!
Hi Bradley
I do not have the table, but I have been one/similar one and have received Sound Healing. I LOVE IT.
Yes, bring it to the WMF I would love a session.

Do you know Kimba Arem? She does sound healing and has been doing research with Dr. Andrew Wiel . They produced a CD as well. Jonathan Goldman, i'm sure you know of too?

I personally love the musical instruments played over my body as well! Vocals are wonderful as well.

I will call you this week too about coming to AZ to teach. I'm working on my stuff for a class i'm teaching this weekend.

You asked about "Healing With Sound"? Have you heard about this one? A friend sent it to me.

Please tune in August 12th, Wednesday, at 12 noon US Eastern Time, to when I present "The Healing Sounds Show". This will be a special show that will focus on the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock.

It'll be 40 years ago this August 16th that more than half a million people gathered together at Woodstock for "3 Days of Peace and Music". Much has been written about this outrageous event, but you may find the Healing Sounds Show's approach to this subject to be of great interest. It will link Woodstock with the Harmonic Convergence and 2012. The topic is "Woodstock: The First Planetary Vibrational Shift".

Whether your were at Woodstock or not, I think you'll find this radio show quite intriguing. It's a look back at the event that is both thought provoking and fun.

I'll be joined for this show by pioneering Sound Healer Vickie Dodd, who, like me, also attended Woodstock. Together Vickie and I will share our thoughts and memories as we talk about the Woodstock Festival as the first great planetary spiritual activation leading up to 2012.

Please tune in August 12th for this extraordinary show. It's sure to be a remarkable experience that will resonate deeply within you and stimulate much thought. For those with further interest on the subject of Woodstock, please see the latest Healing Sounds Blog.

In addition, please tune in for the September 9th Healing Sounds show which will feature Deva Premal and Miten, internationally renowned for their extraordinary singing of mantras.

If you have a question and would like to be "live" on the air with us on the Healing Sounds show, here's the audience call in telephone number: 800 - 555 - 5453

Please tune in to this Internet Radio Show Wednesday, August 12, at 12 noon Eastern Time to

Harmonically Yours,

Jonathan Goldman

Contact Information
phone: 303-443-8181
Hi Mike,

We can talk about this...feel free to give me a ring at 928.639-3455. Meanwhile, you're welcome to check out a sample of some of my music on the SphericSenseS youtube channel. Here's one example...

Peace to you,
Bradley Blalock
Mike Hinkle said:
Check this out! Too cool. Is there any way to get a table to the Festival this year to feature and have all the therapists look at? This could really open up some new worlds for different therapists. Thanks!

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