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I work for a chiropractor who claims it is illegal in Michigan to charge no-show fees if we accept insurance for our services. Specifically from BCBSof MI. I stated to him specifically that we are NOT asking the insurance company for the fee, just the individual who missed the appointment. I have a policy written up that I would like to give to my clients when they make their appointment stating if they do not give 24 hours notice, they will be charged 25% of the hourly rate.

He states we will lose provider coverage from BCBS if we charge no-show fees. I cannot find anywhere this "legal" statement.. Anyone else ever hear of this?

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First, let me start by saying I have no experience with billing. BUT in the doctor's offices that I go to here in IL there are signs posted stating that there is a service fee of $25 for missed appointments. (If you don't give a 24 hr notice) I believe that it also states that this fee is not billed to insurance and that it is your responsibility.

The no shows are a problem in the chiro office I work in as well. The lmt's would like to charge a no show fee to the patient. Even its just $10. We feel that doing this will cut down on repeat offenders. The dr doesn't want to. It is frustrating!


It may be illegal to bill the insurance company for the fee.  However, the patient should be accountable for the missed appointment charge personally. In California there is no way to bill for no shows on Workers' Comp. As far as car accidents, I haven't had any trouble.

I worked in a MD/DC clinic for 14 years and the doc's wouldn't charge the patients for no shows. That's what killed the job for me. I would suggest a sign notifying the patients of the policy, that states that their insurance won't pay the fee.

Good luck,


Some good discussion here and good responses. In TX, places charge no show fees all the time. That said, these fees come out of patient's pockets, not the insurance company.

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