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I am trying to get a little non-profit clinic started.Does anyone have any tips you could share with me?
Thank you,Emma

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Hi Emma,

You might take a look at another Ning group (massage professionals is hosted under Ning). I haven't been active there lately, but the Nonprofit Professionals Forum would likely be helpful to you. You're login/password and profile pic here should carry over.
Cool,Thanks Keith.
Hi Emma, can help you set up the paperwork and make sure it's legal, pretty cheap and Cornell Uni. explains your choices pretty well here.

I hope it helps! Let me know.
Thank you Mike,This looks great!

Mike Hinkle said:
Hi Emma, can help you set up the paperwork and make sure it's legal, pretty cheap and Cornell Uni. explains your choices pretty well here.

I hope it helps! Let me know.

Hi Emma,

I know this is an old post, but I posted the following information on another bodywork forum in 2006 for someone who was interested in establishing a non-profit bodywork business. Maybe it will be useful to someone along the way.

Establishing A Non-Profit Bodywork Business

There is a chiropractic office I know of who is non-profit. From what I understand, it was a beneficial move for them. 

This is a husband and wife chiropractic practice who were apparently ground-breakers for this sort of set up in Texas.

Here are a few thoughts she passed my way:

They had a “calling” of sorts, that their office should change over to a “donation based” practice.  This would give them the ability to stop treating pocketbooks and start working however they needed.  She told me they took donations in a small box in the waiting area for about 1½years. This was absolutely what they enjoyed doing, but “business” got in the way — taxable items at the store, income taxes, etc.   This made it a little more than difficult for them, so they started investigating non-profit organizations.

She said that they first looked in Christian publications – mainly in the back of the publications – where there are people who will file the non-profit paperwork for you (there are companies that specialize in this), and at “churches”.

They had to become a corporation first and they had to have an uneven number of board members with more that don’t get paid than do get paid.

Next they filed their non-profit papers. This took a LOT of time, there was a lot of paperwork and the city/state basically thought she was crazy to even consider doing this.

She said: you should be able to put together your paperwork ahead of time and the best advice she gave was to contact your local government to find out what they require for you to do this.  You should also look up “establishing a non profit corporation or organization” on the internet and may be able to download the forms off the internet as well.

She also said: once you finish the non-profit papers and they are filed, you pretty much are finished.  With the non-profit comes the ability to not have all the taxes which does help in the long run.

The clinic is NOT set up like a “free clinic”.  And she states that you cannot really set up a budget in a case like this, because you don’t really know what is coming in.

They book by appointment, are usually booked up 1 – 2 weeks in advance, see homeless, middle class and upper class. Everyone is treated equally.  The majority of their patients are middle class.  If they hire someone in, that person is salaried, but the owners are not.

That’s pretty much everything I found out. Hope it helps!"

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