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I have reached out to a few of you individually but we are still short on participants.


We are reaching out to folks in the massage industry (practitioners, business owners, CE providers, supply makers and providers, etc) in efforts to compile a list of 50 professionals to feature on the Massage Therapy Schools Information Institute online, which is a free resource that helps guide aspiring massage therapists establishing fulfilling careers in massage.

This is an email interview that is free to participate in.  We would send you a handful of questions, which you can reply to at your leisure. We will take your responses along with the 49 others and feature it on our website. We will also include your info, picture (only if you desire), contact info/website which should also help you gain more exposure and referrals.
The main purposes of this initiative is to help thousands of aspiring massage therapists who currently look up to professionals like yourself for guidance as they start their career. This material will be syndicated to national press releases and our social media channels, which will result in more exposure for youand your business. 
Please let me know if you are interested and I can reserve a slot for you. I can also send you the interview questions over private message.

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