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Greetings folks.

I am writing with a question. I would like to know who are the acknowledged experts in the field of energetics and related practices, especially as they relate to massage therapy. I am especially interested to know if there are people who have conducted or published scholarly work on this subject, but that is not a strict requirement for the answer to my question.

I am also interested to know if there are any experts on this topic who are likely to attend the upcoming massage therapy research conference to be held in Seattle this May.

I know of a couple of people who are considered to have expertise in this area. I know that Dr. James Oschman has published articles and books on these topics, but I recently learned that he will probably not be attending the upcoming conference. I also know of Dr. Leslie Korn, who gave a workshop on this topic at the last conference in Albuquerque, but she will also not be in attendance at the upcoming conference.


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Some popular names in the field of energetics and/or research include:

Dr, Valerie V. Hunt
Dr. Joan Borysenko
Lynne McTaggart
Barbara Ann Brennan, M.S.
David Hawkins, M.D., Ph,D
I cannot say that I know any experts personally. I do know what I sense and feel. When you work with the human form, there is no escaping the energy field.
This is my first writing on this forum. Hope I am doing this correctly.
Experts? Western mind thinking here. There are many experts. Start studying Stephen Chang, Mantak Chia. These are men who have spent their lives educating people about Chi Kung practice and breath and yet I do not believe either one would call themselves and expert. Please indulge me as i play devil's advocate! Upledger, Barnes come to mind if you must have medically oriented individuals. And with that being said try:
from wipikedia... Stephen chang:
Former President of the Chinese Medicine Research Institute in San Francisco, California, in the United States
Former Vice-President of the Chinese Medical Assoc. in Japan
Founder of The Foundation of Tao in San Francisco, California
His books are used in universities and as hospital texts
He has influenced laymen, professionals and celebrities alike, including Sofia Loren and Mario Lopez
Formulated numerous remedies including Chinese Herbal Formulas/Combinations/Teas, teas, skin lotions and accupowder (acupowder)
Holds degrees in medicine, law, theology and philosophy
Honorable Professor at: University of Beijing; The Peoples University, China; Chung Wa University, China; Ai Ji University, Japan; Oslo University, Norway; among others

Taught and lectured at universities around the world on Taoist medicine and lifestyle at: University Of California, Berkeley; Stanford University CA; The Chinese Medical Assoc., London; University Of California, Santa Cruz, CA; 5 Branches School of Chinese Medicine, Santa Cruz, CA; Chi Nei Tsang Inst., Berkeley, CA; University Of Tao Management, China

Still lives on WEst Coast I believe. Try there. This man is amazing as is his work.
Mary Ellen Derwis-Balaz said:
Western mind thinking here.

I like to think of my mind as Northern.
A major expert is James L. Oschmann, who has authored 2 editions of "Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis". (Churchill Livingstone)

Fritz Smith, MD and Rolfer, wrote ENERGY BRIDGES and describes an energy practice, Zero Balancing, in a very easy to grasp manner. Check him out. Energy theory in Massage is elusive and wide-ranging, especially when you factor in the Asian Meridian lines, chakra balancing, and pure "I felt it". Yes, many of us use energy work, and we learn more about it daily in our practice. Brita Ostrom, Esalen Institute
Here are some of my favorite resources for scientific-types of resources. Each of them have a link you can click on to access research, and each of them is a source of people who've been working in the field of energetic for a quite a while. The first resource is possibly my favorite because it's produced a lot of research since its conception in 1989.
however, the website is not letting me access it tonight, so here's the link to their Facebook page:
Sharon Burch
There are many experts, but I consider William Lee Rand to be a top notch, authentic expert on Reiki energy healing. You can check out his website at . He's written several books on the subject and has gone to Japan to really substantiate the information that has been passed down for so many years. As I said...very authentic! I took his ART (Advanced Reiki Training) class and was very impressed with the amount of information I got out of it. It's not your average Reiki class. He teaches very helpful and unique techniques, and is the closest I feel I could have gotten to being trained by Usui himself. Not to mention that the when it was time to receive an attunement, we sat in a big circle and I could actually feel him doing the attunement on the person across the circle from me. What amazing energy!
Randolf Stone published in the 60s. Polarity therapy.
Thank you, Christopher for posting this question. I am rather new to the field (2 years). I am always searching out more information regarding energy work. Thank you to the rest of you who provided names and links. I am richer in knowledge for your sharing!
Thanks Christopher for this question...good responses and lots of resources


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