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Hi Everyone,


I've taken some time off from holistic work and massage therapy and finally have an space to practice again, which i am so excited about.  I have to start building my clientele from scratch again and want to make a good impression on new clients. Other than with the quality of your work what other types of things do you do for your clients to make yourself stand out? Do you great them with tea, or give them a treat when they leave etc?


I'm in an office space but want to convey a more tranquil environment any suggestions for "must dos or have's"?


I really appreciate any and all feedback, and suggestions. Thank you.


Teresa Avelar

Between Heaven & Earth Body Therapy

Relaxation for the Body & Mind


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To make a good impression on new clients, just make a chat  with your clients before u start ur massage therapy...Massage therapy treatments can be classified into various types.. Most Popular massage therapies are Shiatsu,Fertility Massage,Chinese Remedial Massage (Tui Na) and Remedial Massage.. Its better for you to get more awareness about these therapies...
I agree with Donald.  I am, and have been, booked 7 weeks in advance for 15 years.  My room is almost bare.  I am a terrible decorator, but I know how to listen to my client's bodies and mouths.  As a client myself, I never notice the ambience of a room.  My eyes are closed most of the time, and the noise I notice when I am the practitioner is unnoticeable when I am the client.  When I don't return for a second massage, it is always about that person's hands and connection.  I once had a student who was technically perfect, better than any student I had ever had, but she was so cold energetically that I couldn't let her any where near my head during testing.  Work your technique and always connect with the client, they will return and send people.

This is a warm and inviting treatment room. It looks so comfortable, what a great idea!
Rajam K Roose said:


Here's how we put up the ceiling cover which was absolutely necessary due to the skylight and the black paper tacked to the ceiling. Fortunately, it's a high ceiling that angles downward. We wanted to use dowels, but for the length we needed would have been around $200/per dowel! Rope was much cheaper!



This is the therapy portion of the office. My husband built the screen as a separator. Here I have closed the screen for the photo.



Here is the other side facing the front door of the office.



This photo was taken with my back to the screen. The large chair is a zero gravity chair I use for Reflexology. However, I'm bringing that chair home b/c it takes up too much space & I only do Reflexology about three times a week, not worth the space. I will be re-arranging the furniture a little and adding 2 smaller chairs for a better flow.




The other side of the far end of the room. That window leads to the street and I made an acoustical soundproof foam plug for the window so you barely hear any traffic. The ceiling drape looks a little crooked b/c there was a leak in the roof of the office building a few months ago & I haven't re-adjusted the material yet.



This photo was taken in the front portion of the office with my back to the front office door. The dresser holds all my linens.



Here is the front portion of the office. To the left is another large glass door that covers about 1/2 of the wall on that side of the office. I hung sound dampening curtains with regular floor length curtains over those and that has really helped cut the sound of footsteps on hardwood floors. My husband made the fountain--very easy, if you want to know I'll share with you. The total office space is about 192 sq ft. and using light colors helps make it look bigger.



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