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If you take a course or study Orthopedic massage, Medical massage, Rolfing, and others.  There is a great deal of emphasis on proper assessment.  Even if you work in a spa, and have only one minute,  you are still making some sort of assessment.  The assessment helps you help your client/patient more effectively.  

A new patient came in the other day with neck pain, low back pain, hip pain, and knee pain.  There was a long medical history involved, with diagnosis and explanations for his pain.  And I’m sure it was all correct, or mostly correct. 

But he made a comment. “I wonder if all my pain is connected?” I told him, “To me it was.”

He hurt the most in his low back, around the L3 level.  His hip pain was mostly in the Piriformis and Greater trochanter area.  In addition, like I said, he had knee and neck pain.  

Im going to attach some charts that will help explain the connections to those seemingly unrelated body areas and his pain.  Now is this evidence based analysis?  No, it is not.  Is it worth knowing or thinking about?  You decide.

If you notice, L3 inervates a portion of the hip that covers the Greater Trochanter and Piriformis.  L3 also inervates the knee.  You will also notice that the neck is inervated by C3.  And C3 has a special relationship to L3.   Ok cool.  What’s the big deal?  MAYBE nothing.

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Here is another example of utilizing Phlugers Law of Symmetry in order to eliminate myofascial pain.

Gordon J. Wallis said:

 People don’t believe me when I tell them what I do.  It’s sluffed off as ridiculous, or they get really angery and say bad stuff. I’ve been told by the best in the field that they are the experts and that what I say I’m doing cant be true, and at best the result of placebo effect.  It’s like they’ve learned everything already.  Nothing more to learn.  Others just think I’m full of myself.  

But im just excited because I’ve discovered something revolutionary.  And I want to elivate our profession.  

I’ve met up with my new buddy Paul.  Who has developed this brilliant unique assessment system that is highly efficient.  So we are going to get together and teach a system that will work like magic, as far as eliminating chronic myofascial pain.  It won’t be magic of course, but it will look and work like magic.

When I tell people online or in real life.  That if you understand a few things about the brain and nervous system.  All ya gotta do is touch where they hurt. Touch them somewhere else.  And the pain goes away.  They don’t believe it.  For all practical purposes, nobody believes it.  But it’s true.  And anybody can do it.  My new friend Paul is doing it now.  It’s simple and very teachable.  

People just think I’m full of it.  And they want to just keep on digging on trigger points. The ones that believe in trigger points anway Lol.  The ones that don’t , can skip the rest of this thread.  They are just wasting their time.  

I’m going to teach the readers of this thread one of the magical releses that anyone can do with just a little practice.  It will work about 75% of the time, which is pretty cool.  

Its based on Phlugers Law of Symmetry.   If there is pain on one side of the body.  You can go to the exact anitomical spot on the opposite side of the body while keeping a gentle touch on the painful area with just enough pressure to direct the nervous system, and for the client to know if the pain vanishes.  Apply a firm stimulus( do not hurt the client), pressure/twist to that exact opposite side. If the pain vanishes( it usually does), you hold the release for 20 seconds or so.  And that’s it till next time.    The clients are blown away.  Lol.  No digging on damaged tissue.  Not painful to the client.  No collateral damage to already injured tissue. Clients/patients heal faster.  Pain is gone at reflex speed.  

Here is a video demonstration of Phlugers law of symmetry done on a real live chronic pain patient.  She is the same young lady seen in one of the testimonial videos above.  This is her second visit.  Before that testimonial, when I first saw her, she was at a 7/10 pain level for nearly a year.   She was feeling way better today, and came in at a 4/10 level.  After her treatment today she left a 2/10.  The treatments are only 20 minutes.  There is often times dramatic results after only four sessions when utilizing these advanced procedures.  

Anyway, check the video out. Look at the expression on her face when she realizes the pain is gone.  It’s very hard to believe, even when it happens to you.  Lol.  She had surgery in that area I’m touching.  It’s a very sensitive area.

Gordon J. Wallis said:

Another thing to ponder, and think on.  I never really thought about this until relatively recently.  In my many years of massaging, I’ve always massaged the hands and fingers.  But unless there was a specific complaint or request to work on the hands, I never really spent very much time on them compared to the rest of the body.  But now I know that may have been a mistake of sorts. 

Recently, after some time thinking, further refining the system that I’ve discovered(Holographic Acupressure).  I began to theorize that it might be possible to release any muscle on the body via the hands. Just by touching specific reflex areas on the hands and fingers.  I decided to put theory to the test the very next day.  Below are the treatment notes on the very first patient I tried it on.  Twenty-one trigger points vanished, one after the other.  By only touching specific areas of the hands and fingers.  Really cool.  

I once talked to a therapist that told me he always spends a lot of extra time working on the hands and feet when he has a patient coming in to see him specifically because of pain.  He says it always, in his experience, enhances his work.  He pretty much does Active Release and Myofascial Release. 

The hands and fingers are very important.  The Brain devotes a lot of energy or space to the hands and feet, lips as well.  That’s where you make contact with the earth, people, and the world around you.  My system( Holographic Acupressure) takes advantage of that.   But just spending more time massaging the hands can’t hurt.  Again, just something to think on, and ponder.   Below are the treatment notes of the trigger points gone via the hands, as well as an illustration of how the brain sees the body.

This might be an interesting video for some? An elderly patient with neck, hip, and arm pain.  She is currently in physical therapy.  I’m not sure if they are helping her or not.  They seem to be causing her more pain from my perspective.  I usually don’t like to work on patients currently in physical therapy because the physical therapy almost always(90% of the time)exasperate any pain condition I’m trying to eliminate.  And it’s just a waist of time.  But often because of insurance company regulations and politics, I have no choice.    

Initially,  before beginning treatment. I didn’t realize that here arm was sore.  That whole day I felt rushed , behind schedule and hyper.  Anyway, I didn’t take the time to fully listen to her, and begin treatment on her hip before she could tell me that her arm was sore.  My bad.  

You can see her face when the pain vanishes instantly.  I end up fixing her sore arm too.  I’m using the procedures that I’ve discovered.  These procedures are so good.  Pain is gone instantly.  You will notice.  That I’m not actually touching the areas of pain in order to eliminate it. As far as soft tissue work goes.  These procedures fall way off the edge of the bell curve.   The nervous system controls everything.

All I can say is WOW!  These procedures are so good.  They allow you to work on another level.  This stuff is way beyond myofascial release or whatever you want to think of.  These procedures are phenomenal.  And the thing is.  Anybody can do them.  It’s purely mechanical.  If it hurts there, you do this.  If it hurts there, you do that.  

I got to work early yesterday and decided to get a nice cup of coffee at the coffee shop.  The young lady making the coffee had twisted her ankle the day befor and was limping around the cafe.   In less then a minute her ankle pain was gone.  Later on that day a new patient came into the clinic suffering from fibromyalgia for years.  In five minutes 90% of her pain was gone!   

Another patient. I’ve only seen her twice.  Has been suffering abdominal pelvic area pain sense childhood.  In 10 minutes her pain was 90% gone!  

Its not me coming in here bragging.  I’m just a good massage therapist.  I’m just Gordon.  Nearly been fired several times in my career.  

My wife is not a massage therapist and has no understanding of what I’m doing.  I could tell her what to do.  She could do it and get the same incredible results.  

Contact me in here if you want to learn.  I guarantee these procedures will elevate you beyond your peers.  

Check out the redacted medical notes below.

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