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I this affliction a strict contraindication? Would a lymph drainage massage help? I live in Arizona and valley fever is becoming a more common occurrence. Would the area affected be the contraindication? Anyone have any experience with this disease?

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I've never heard of it before!  I just googled it, and it looks like it could be a problem for some people.  I would consider the area affected to be a contraindication simply to be on the safe side.  If someone out there has experience with this and says it isn't, great!

It looks like it's not possible to spread from person to person, so it shouldn't be an outright contraindication for working on someone.  I wouldn't do a regular massage on anyone with an infection; however, lymph work might be really helpful.  The only lymph work I'm familiar with is Chikly's Lymph Drainage Therapy.  They state that you don't want to do lymph work on anyone at the peak of their symptoms.  But, if you can get them at the beginning or the end of the symptoms, you can make a positive difference to them with LDT because of it's beneficial effects on the immune system.

I hope that helps because that's all I've got!

The site of the infection is the lungs so whether or not to work over or near the site is not at issue. Speeding up the rate of lymph flow helps the immune system so it might help. With manual drainage I would go around any symptom outbreak on the skin. With my Touch of Jade Lymphatic Therapy I would go right over it. Using the jade rollers there is no direct skin contact and no friction. Works great on sunburn, radiation, and microdermabrasion burns. You can actually see them fade as you work.

Thx for your insight Daniel. I have my feelers out for any local therapist that have worked with people who have valley fever.

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