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What can you suggestion to add t my tool box of moditlties, to help others without having to use some much physical strength .?

Bodywork using less physical strength but also effective would be .....suggestions. Thanks everyone

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What modalities do you do now? Can't make good suggestions on what to add if we don't know what you already do.
Good pointDaniel thank you. I have taken the first levels in lympic drainage,myofasica release ,cranial sacral work. I also took two workshops in ashi( using my feet). Along with all the basic Swedish techniques.
Sounds like you have a sound base to work from.I would suggest taking a class Iin using arms rather than hands, such as, lomilomi or korean acupressure, ashiatsu, korean martial therapy, etc.

YES! Hands-free Thai massage. You almost exclusively use your feet and legs, which are much stronger than your arms and hands. I am a tiny person and a one hour massage using my hands and arms is tiring, but when I use my feet, I can get deeper into the tissues and I don't even feel like I'm working!

Chuck Duff has a hands-free instructional thai massage video that is well worth the 40-50 dollars. He also teaches classes in Evanston, IL, if that's close to you.

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