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I know, I'm nosey. I was a travel writer.


For six years, I got to travel to Bed & Breakfasts and get massages, all for free, and write about it. So my roots are in traveling, meeting people and hearing their stories. Now I travel around and do The World Massage Festival & Massage Therapy Hall of Fame.

I found the adjustment to a single location massage establishment, inside a strip mall, very confining. So I started a way to stay "in the massage world and travel!" But that is another story!

What's your story? What did you do before massage? Tell us of your travels and what massage is like where you are, especially if you massage outside the U.S. We really like pictures, if possible.


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Thanks and welcome to Massage Professionals!

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I was in Childcare from age 12. Babysitting, tutoring, nannying. Then moving to working with children with special needs and then back to being a Nanny. Loved it. But it didn't pay enough to stay with it. So I ended up in massage therapy school. I've been a therapist for a little over two years and was just thinking the other day that I have done almost 2,000 hours of massage already in addition to the 500 hours in school Yikes! I need a massage. :)
I was a student and a teacher. I also had a job as tech support for an internet company. Now I do massage and I'm working on my masters in mental health counseling and volunteer at a center that works with clients that are or have been victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.
Truthfully, I was doing massage since I was a child... While I was in college I worked as an assistant to a rolfer for a little while and I did office work and collated research for the pain clinic at UCLA (they mainly did acupuncture and some biofeedback). I also took a lot of workshops on massage, Touch for Health, etc.

I started a consulting project while I was still in college and continued that for a couple of months after I graduated. The week that gig ended, four of my friends called me up and said they would pay me if I "worked on their bodies." It was a story of one door closing, another opening. Three years later, I decided that it looked like I was going to be in this profession for a while, so I went to massage school for more official training.
My story...came to the planet doing, fourleggeds, and friends...have had a table for many years. Years of schooling within a myriad of subjects, working and living as a wild child of the sixties in the Black Hills of Dakota as a waitress, shoe sales girl at JC Penny's during high school, hitch hiked throughout North America landing in NM digging trees, Quebec managing a chicken farm, OH farming and gardening, gentling horses for many years where ever I was, wilderness quide in Idaho, landscaper, grease monkey in a sawmill, lumber grader, forestry measurements specialist in ID, OR, CA, WA, AK, SD, couldn't deal with it anymore. I went to work in contract maintenance for quite a few years, graphic artist at a newspaper in NE Oregon and then off to school at AIM in Ashland, OR to live my passion for massage therapy as LMT in 2005. Today continuing learning from each being I have the honor of fascilitating healing with a sincere loving heart! May the magic of the heavens always touch your hearts!
Many Blessings Lore
I was a real estate broker and a corporate executive. Wondered why I wasn't happy in those fields. It's no mystery now. I love, love, love what I do. In my myofascial release practice I help people overcome their pain when they have been told they must live with their pain, and/or take pills and have surgeries. Thanks for asking.
Olympia Hostler
Hi Olympia, love your web site. Almost made me want to call for an appointment:)

Olympia Hostler said:
I was a real estate broker and a corporate executive. Wondered why I wasn't happy in those fields. It's no mystery now. I love, love, love what I do. In my myofascial release practice I help people overcome their pain when they have been told they must live with their pain, and/or take pills and have surgeries. Thanks for asking.
Olympia Hostler
I have to say, my life before massage was people oriented but from the bar perspective. I was a bartender and continued for 22 years. In that time I also finished my bodywork/natural health approach schooling in Portland Oregon. I am a licensed Chiropractor and I still practice massage and of course work with massage therapists on a regular basis.
Well Allen,

I finally have been able to get back to this thread. I'm glad you have joined us. Your previous work with X-rays should give you an advantage with anatomy! Good luck and I hope you can make it to Festival!

Allen Rubin said:
I was a Diagnostic Imaging technologist (X-ray/MRI). I worked in a variety of settings including teaching hospitals, operating/emergency rooms, private orthopedic/sports medicine practice and psych. hospital....right next door to the ECT room!! : o I also worked for a moble x-ray company for many years that serviced nursing homes and correctional facilities. I'd thought about going to PT school, but massage seemed a more appealing option for a variety of reasons. So glad I made the choice I did.
I was a mortgage loan processor and underwriter. Luckily, I had already decided to make a change before the economy went south. The stress associated with the mortgage industry is like no other I've experienced. 11 years was enough!
I was a stay at home mom (of 3 beautiful daughters) and an army wife!!!! I am still a mother, of course and also proud Army wife, but now also have a great practice at a Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic ( I love the holistic/natural healing environment!!) I see lots of PI clients (personal injury) , lots of soldiers (we are located right outside an Army base), and lots of stressed out moms (my favorite to work on!!!) Love my work!!!!
Hello! Before massage I worked as an executive assistant for a temp. company. Ex: Mortgage companies, Pharmaceutical companies, home improvement corp. just to name a few. Before that, I was a sales assistant for several brokerage firms. I classify myself as a massage "nerd". I 've been an LMT for eight years and I still feel as excited as the day I started. I guess what they say is true, when you hit your correct path in life no matter how long it took to get there it feels like home.

Namaste, Pam
When I was about 6 years old my mother taught me how to massage my father's back when he came home after a long hard day loading, unloading and driving a truck long hours in NYC. Throughout the years I was always willing to massage friends in school and at college whenever they complained of sore muscles. My friends would always say afterwards, "you should do this professionally "! One day my girlfriend at the time got me a gift certificate for a massage. Wow ! When he was done I felt like a human rubber band ! I always thought that some day I would like to learn more in a professional environment until one day my friends told me they were going to an 'open house' introduction at a massage school. That did it, I was duly impressed and applied as soon as I could. I too wore many hats previously with a bachelors degree in psychology. The last job I had was my house painting business and I was a technical director for a ballet company. My only regret is not having learned professional massage sooner. I get so much satisfaction from making people feel better. I have a private practice and also work at a beautiful spa in a resort city,

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