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I know, I'm nosey. I was a travel writer.


For six years, I got to travel to Bed & Breakfasts and get massages, all for free, and write about it. So my roots are in traveling, meeting people and hearing their stories. Now I travel around and do The World Massage Festival & Massage Therapy Hall of Fame.

I found the adjustment to a single location massage establishment, inside a strip mall, very confining. So I started a way to stay "in the massage world and travel!" But that is another story!

What's your story? What did you do before massage? Tell us of your travels and what massage is like where you are, especially if you massage outside the U.S. We really like pictures, if possible.


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Thanks and welcome to Massage Professionals!

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HI Mike . Nice to hear from you. I have been in health care all my life. I am a licensed Respiratory therapist, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and now a Licensed Massage Therapist.I basically spent my life in a classroom
I've been a professional student for most of my life. Went from pre-med, to seminary and then this. I tell people that I am just trying to shake off anyone who may be tracking my educational history.
I have always worked in an office setting and got so tired of the politics. I saw so many unhappy people who would rather complain than change their lives. That's when I decided that I was not going to be one of them, and went to massage school. It's the best thing that I ever did!
I was a computer programmer in the banking industry, specializing in the leading banking software in the world (at that time). My last paid position in that industry was with a consulting company. I worked in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. The traveling was fun, the job itself was hell. I worked long long hours. When I heard myself tell someone that I was working short days on the weekends, only 8 or 9 hours, I started rethinking my career plans and priorities! When I got laid off, I decided to go to massage school, and that was in 1995.
I completely understand the need to be self-employed. I became a massage therapist when I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalsia. I decided to fight it and help others in the fight. I find there are days I just simply cannot work. I would have lost so many jobs by now because I was in too much pain to open a door let alone work. Self-employment offers me the ability to work and not be stressed about losing my job. Once I become a licensed Mental Health Counselor I will be able to fill in the non-massage time and have more money coming in as I help others. The world is so much more open to those that are self-employed.

Kim Chamberlain,NCTMB (idowatsu) said:
Can relate to the traveling, I was a carney for 12 years, then my disease got the better of me, took a few years off to battle that. In rehab I knew someone going to Heartwood, I spent a year there going to massage school, it was time to grow up and get an almost real job. Still have never filled out a w2 but I'm much better off being self employed.
I was (am!!) a full time Mommy and I floated in and out of careers- Barista, Retail, Working with Kids and the Environment- and schools- Fine Arts, Environmental Education, Anthropology- for what seems like forever! I wanted to know it all but got bored easily! Then, by a stroke of fate, I ended up moving close by the Colorado School of Healing Arts! Everyday I drove by and became increasingly interested, as I have ALWAYS been interested in the healing arts! Finally, I broke down and went in to take a tour- with no intention of actually signing up, but more to ease my interest (my son had just been born 2 months earlier!). I signed up that very day! Every day is a learning experience and every day I become more and more intrigued and fascinated by the powers to heal that exist in every one of us! I can't wait to see what each day has in store for me as I progress in the field. My interests lie in Polarity/Energy Work, Craniosacral, and Trauma Touch. I also enjoy reiki, crystal healing, and would LOVE to continue my education in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine using Acupuncture and Herbs!
I have been doing massage in India alongwith working in State Bank at New Delhi,India. When I came to US , I worked in Banks and also performed massages. Always, I keep one steady job., but if I had enough money to open my Spa,
I will work only in Massage Business. I am still searching long term massage enthusiast who can bring in money to
open spa.
I was a Social Service Director at a Retirement community, responsible for the social welfare of our residents, facility marketing, admissions coordinator, and anything else they lead me to believe I could do with their positive reinforcement! LOL Moved to this location and went to work in an assisted living facility as an activity coordinator. Worked as a massage therapist part time until I opened my own business last June. : ) For something that causes me so many sleepless nights I have to say it is wonderful!
I was a Medic in the ARMY, A REALTOR, a Substitute teacher and mother. I love people and enjoy helping people.
I was in high school! I started massage training about two months after I graduated.
I too am a former journalist, though have been in marketing communications for the past several years.
I was a Hebrew linguist in the Navy.

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