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I am doing a research paper on business and marketing training for Holistic Healthcare practitioners (Massage Therapists, Reflexologists, Energyworkers, Naturopaths,Chiropractors,Wellness Consultant/Coaches and other non-traditional healthcare practitioners) and your feed back would be greatly appreciated. As a healthcare practitioner, What is the number 1 challenge you are facing in your healthcare business?

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How do we each communicate our unique skill, talent, and experience in what is becoming a flooded field of widely varying quality of service despite common core instruction. Certification/Licensure testing cannot speak to anything more than a minimum standard knowledge base, along with clear safety and ethics instruction.

Our top challenge is recruiting mobile massage therapists for on-call assignments. Most either want something full time, or don't have enough free time to make it worthwhile since our incoming jobs are not consistent. They also have to have their stuff together enough to perform and maintain our standards without supervision.

D Melmed


1) Handling the administrative tasks and conducting our work - need resources to do the admin stuff and need $$$ to pay them

2) How to scale/leverage the business

3) Marketing - attracting customers/clients cost-effectively and efficiently

4) Longevity / health and well-being

@Molly - one way to do this is to present yourself and your skill set through as many mediums as you can - example. FB, twitter, blogs, forums, articles, journals, websites, interviews, etc.

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