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Which online scheduling works better for your clients--Schedulicity or GenBook?

I am curious to see how many therapists are utilizing online booking companies to enhance their businesses! Have you used these companies or another one? Have you had a good or bad experience? Most importantly, how do your clients like the "convenience" of booking appointments themselves?

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Im just about to ask this one. glad i found this. looking forward for some postive replies to help me too...

Frank J said:

i use I have the free version. the only thing i think is a con is you cant put it on fb. but you can pretty much do everything else
is this free.

13 Design Street Salon ManagementSoftware is a turnkey spa & salon management software. Its features are customizable according to your business. The software is cloud-based, mobile & tablet friendly and more. Some of the popular features of this software are billing, client management, inventory management, expenses, staff management, prepaid packages, discount coupons, online appointments, SMS sending, etc.

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