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Hello group members.

Recently, I had some new clients find me by searching Facebook for my area and massage, all had been dxed with FMS.  I had just completed an FMS tx course by Nancy Porambo at the world massage festival in NC; so I created the group Team Fibromyalgia on Facebook.  We are currently a group of over 400 professionals that network our skills, beneficial research and tx modalities that we find to benefit our clients, friends or family that are battling the debilitating effects of chronic pain, fatigue syndrome also known as or called FMS (Fibromyalgi).  If you are on FB and have clients or treat ppl with FMS, I invite you to join the group.

Kelly Sanders.

BTW, if any are attending the SMRT  course by Dawn Lewis April 4-6, please look me up as I will be there.

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