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I just read through the information on their European website about becoming certified. It seems to be costly and serious stuff. I've been reading a lot from Tom Myer's Anatomy Trains book and I'd definitely like to get involved in learning how to practice like this, but I'm wondering if it'd be necessary to go through their format to know essentially how to work with these concepts. Is there anyone here who has become involved with this or anyone who generally applies the same principles and techniques but came into it through other means?

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In January I completed my training as a Certified Rolf Practioner™ in Bali, Indonesia. A Rolfing®SI session bears little resemblance to  massage. I can say this as I have had a successful massage practice for many years and now have a Rolfing®SI practice.

The principles of Rolfing®SI such as palintonicity, support,and  adaptability can add to and educate any massage session. Bringing the idea of wholism and balance to a massage session can provide the client with a deeper sense of relief and in my experience longer lasting pain relief. Any education you can give yourself on Structural Integration will only better you and your practice.

However, I can report a vast difference between a massage therapist who uses these principles and being a Certified Rolfer™. My massage practice brought much relief and healing to my clients. My Certified Rolfing®SI practice brings my clients into lasting body alignment and health in an unprecedented form.

It is expensive to become a Certified Rolfer™ or a KMI practitioner. I attended school in Asia where I studied with world class Rolf Practitioners for a fraction of the cost I would have paid in the US or Europe. The trainings are not "advanced massage" trainings. They are unique to the principles and techniques of Rolfing®SI and not found elsewhere. Also, the Asian trainings provide you with dual Rolfing®SI and Rolf Movement™ Certifications which saved me additional money. As a Certified Rolfing®SI practitioner the average rate is around $150 US per session in private practice versus $70 US per massage session in private practice. It is worth it to take the trainings if this is where your heart calls you.

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