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I live in a small place with a balcony, but want a herb garden. This article shows you how. I'm going to do it. :)

Has anyone ever done this? What do you think?

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What a great use for a shoe holder! (Don't forget to allow for drainage.)
Since it's cloth, it drains quite nicely, but if it doesn't drain well, just poke a few nail holes in the bottom.
That is AWESOME! What a great idea for a small space.
don't forget to keep them well watered in addition to providing drainage! too often in small containers the downfall and death of the plants is lack of water, especially on hot days. one helpful tip is to use those silicone balls that retain water and slowly release it later. Good luck, let us all know how your garden does!
What a terrific idea! Thank you!
What a great idea! I have a sunny porch, so I've been growing my herbs in several strawberry pots. This is a much better use of vertical space. And they look very healthy. I hope you get great use out of them. You should publish your idea in Mother Earth News or Organic Gardening. They love ideas like this. :-D


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