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Essential Oil

Properties of the oil


Clearing, strengthening, refreshing and uplifting


Uplifting and Refreshing. Believed to relieve depression and nervous tension


Clearing energy. yes"">  Believed to relieve PMS, muscle and nervous tension.


Clearing, antiseptic, and antiviral. Believed to relieve colds and flu and congestion.


Balancing, relaxing, harmonizing and nourishing for the skin. 


Warming and Fortifying. yes""> Believed to aid digestion and relieve aches and pains.


Uplifting and Refreshing. Believed to relieve stress. Refreshing in the bath.


Luxurious, relaxing. calming, antidepressant. Sweet, floral fragrance


Relaxing and soothing. Believed to relieve headaches, stress, insomnia, and tension.


Uplifting, refreshing, antiseptic and astringent.


Uplifting, refreshing, and calming


Uplifting and refreshing. Believed to relieve stress, anxiety and depression.


Cooling, clearing and energizing.  Believed to aid digestion and travel sickness. Believed to relieve certain types of headaches.


Stimulating. Believed to relieve muscular fatigue.


Meditative, centering, balancing, sedative, and comforting.


Cooling and clearing. yes""> Slightly energizing



Uplifting and refreshing. Believed to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. yes"">                                  


Cooling and clearing. yes""> Slightly energizing.


Sweet and exotic. Uplifting.  Believed to relieve stress, anxiety and depression.

My favorite aromatherapy oils in the winter months include Sandalwood, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus and Rose.

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Ravensara is my all-time favorite but especially in the winter months. Similar to Eucalyptus in smell, it is very anti-viral and great for colds and flu and opening up the respiratory system. It is also a muscle relaxant and analgesic and makes a great addition to massage oil or lotion for muscle tension. It is generally non-irritating to the skin and safe for use on most individuals. It has both stimulating and anti-depressant effects. It is similar to lavender in that it has many uses, and is safe to use on most anyone. It doesn't have any contra-indications and can safely be used during pregnancy or on young children. It can be used just about anywhere teatree can be used, and I find it smells more clean and refreshing.
You'll probably laugh, but I like the scents of pine, white cedar, wintergreen, spearmint, clove and orange. Those are the scents of the season I remember most from my childhood during the Christmas holidays. I try to stay away from eucalyptus, because that always makes me think of illness. However, in the Spring, eucalyptus does not have the same effect on me.


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