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I have worked out of my home, at a massage clinic, chair massage events, mall, chiropractors office, hotel, and at a multi-practice office.

Out of all of these, I really prefer working at a multi-practice office with acupuncturists, facialists, yoga instructors, other massage therapists, etc... there is so much energy and information instead of isolation.

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Hi Lynne - How's your multi-practice office doing? It sounds like you made a good choice for yourself, especially given your wide range of experiences in the massage world. Wishing you the very best. I like to work around nice people who have similar goals and lifestyles. Right now I'm independent and focus on teaching CE classes; however, like you, I've worked in a variety of massage environments from large, trendy, upscale destination spas to chiropractors' offices. It's been an interesting journey. I feel that I made the right choice when I selected massage therapy as my career focus. Life is good.

Warmly, Ariana Vincent, Ariana Institute


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