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I am developing a couples massage course for my massage practice. I working on determining format, number of hours, and how much is should cost. Secondary issue I am pondering is if I should make it a group experience (multiple couples) or maintain privacy by working with one couple at a time.


Are there any folks in this group that teach couples massage? I would love some input on how you structure your classes and what you charge for your time.




Gerry Bunnell

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Hi Gary - I offer an online couples massage class for massage therapists as well as offering in-person couples massage training for individual couples. The format for individual couples massage could include a written notebook with protocol to refer to, followed by one-to-one instruction for each partner in the couple. You could ask them prior to the class which techniques they are interested in learning (it is usually Swedish) and tailor your training to their needs. The number of hours for my couples massage class for massage therapists is six hours of CE credit. The number of hours for an individual couples class (for the general public) should be at least four hours, so you have time to provide a general intro and information about where to purchase a table and supplies, followed by each person receiving a one hour session (which usually takes at least an hour and a half of training time). You could train as many as three couples at a time if you have a large enough room and enough tables. Remember to mention that their modesty will be respected and draping will be utilized at all times. If you want to offer couples massage training to more than three couples at a time, I would recommend getting an assistant to work with you. Warmly, Ariana Vincent, Ariana Institute.

Hi Gerry!

This post is sooooo old, but I would love to hear what you ended up doing! We have taught couples classes for 11 years. We do both group classes and private instruction. Our group classes we do for $75 per couple, 3 hours, on mats on the floor, keep everyone dressed and ask them to wear shorts and a T-shirt...very stretchy and comfortable. We have handouts and include a copy of our Couples Massage video download for them to use at home. When we do a private instruction, we do it on the table in the room, and charge our normal massage rate...usually 2.5 hours. We've had people drive as much as an hour away to come to us for couples massage classes, since so few MTs market it.

We also have an ebook on our site:   Our Couples Massage Video is set up either as wholesale or affliate for MTs. It's nonsexual and demonstrated on the floor, so even couples who don't have tables can use it!


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