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How are you marketing your couples massage sessions for Valentine's? 
Talk about the ideal Valentine's gift! Experiential gifts are growing in popularity and massage is certainly an experience like no other. What a great way to bring couples closer together in a memorable way that will long be appreciated. I love couples massage sessions - they are so unique.
Here's my marketing blurb from my website regarding couples massage:
Couples Massage (60 minutes or 90 minutes)
During your Couples Massage session, two massage therapists concurrently offer individual Swedish massage sessions to each partner.
In all cases, your modesty will be respected. All of our licensed
therapists utilize proper draping techniques. During the bodywork
session, you are required to be draped with a soft sheet or towel at all
times. As each respective section of the body is massaged, it is
uncovered and then recovered as the session progresses. This shared
massage experience is the perfect way to spend time with your
sweetheart, as all treatments are enjoyed together. The Couples Massage
session is a delightful and unforgettable way to share relaxing

Someday I'd like to offer couples massage on a white sand beach in Tahiti. 
What's your idea of the ideal couples massage environment?
Enjoy you holidays and have fun marketing!
Ariana Vincent, Ariana Institute,

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