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Am I the only therapist here who has experienced the couples massage experience? While I would personally prefer the massage being solo and private, many couples relish the intimacy shared with their significant other. Often one member is comfy with massage and experienced with the great touch of a therapeutic massage and this experienced member arranges for the other member to experience the first massage in the safe zone of a couples massage. We plan to give them side by side one hour treatments, but the treatments are not perfect parrallels. Each client receives a special massage designed specifically for that client alone, just as if the massage were performed alone. Enough from me. Please share your thoughts and experiences. I want to learn from you.

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At our Spa we specialize in Couples Massage. We do many, many of them. We love doing them. People around here really love the idea of it. They each get their own indivdual massage but in the same room at the same time. The room that we use for it is just the right size and set up with elegant and relaxing decor. We also get a lot of best friend, mother daughters, sisters, bridesmaids, birthday parties, etc. It is very cool.
Our spa does the same concept as your with the couples massage, and the public does love it. In rare occassion I hear a person who does not want it for fear her spouse will talk throughout and ruin her rest. However, such responses are not common. I run a business called HAVE TABLES WE'LL TRAVEL and we do in0home couples massages. It has been extremely well-received and we had marvelous reviews in the local newspaper and a half page article a few years ago. The reporter who was my client declared that we were "the most original new business of the year". It is a great experience!
We do couples Thai Massage on mats side by side. The people I have working with me have different styles so we do not do a "coordinated" massage. But the response has been great so far.
I would love the experience some day with Thai massage in the traditional style on floor mats. I have had theThai done on the table by my two sisters from Thailand. Love it! We do not "coordinate" the massages to be performed in paralel exact echoes. Each client deserves a massage designed specific to his/her needs and wishes, and each therapist should be free to explore their own style and creativity. The only constants are that we keep the treatments within an hour.No complaints yet.


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