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Has anyone used cupping on the abdomen for abdominal/pelvic issues and pain? Any contraindications with regard to that? Results?

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Hi Melissa!
Just lubricate well and you can use them on scars, or cellulite's area, or acupressure points stimulation.
In my experience mostly time its to sensitive for most woman, and man dont care work in this area at all, but my opinion its can be beneficial.

some info and references on my website:
Hi Melissa
If your client is experiencing IBS or constipation then cupping with a fast application will stimulate the peristalsis and bring fluids into the area and aaid in the movement. If you're dealing with diarrhea then a nice slow application will drain and remove fluids.
HELLO Melissa,
I have also found that cupping over and around the sacrum helps to increase digestion or at least the movement in the large intestines


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