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Dawn Lewis posted this in one of the linked in or Facebook massage groups.

Had a client yesterday whose sacrum was killing her.  She could hardly move.  She also could not take any pressure and did not really want her sacrum to be touched.  I worked through the sheet and blanket, and did Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique by itself.  When it prompted some myofascial unwinding, I went with that.  I followed the pain as it moved from place to place.  It started in her sacrum and then moved into her lower back, then into her lower hip, then to the anterior thigh, then into psoas, and finally back to the sacrum.  When she got up to get dressed, she says she could bend over and, well, put her underwear on.  Apparently that had been a real problem for a while.  Her pain was a 1 where it had been a 12.  Love the fact that SMRT can create such significant change so easily and quickly, and besides staying present with her body, I hardly had to do anything.  If you would like to learn to do this, come to Winter Park, FL the beginning of April.  Register at

I, Kelly Sanders re-posted this here in the FL group and I will be attending this class April4-6 in Winter Park

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