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So I practice mainly lomilomi which means I'm mostly using my forarms. Lately I have developed a pretty moderate case of dermatitis. I've changed soap, oil and I've started using Boiron's homeopathic Calendula Cream. The cream seems to help if I can use it often enough but I need to resolve this issue instead of covering it up. Any advice?

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I do a lot of forearm work as well and have luckily never had anything.

But when i get a dermatitis anywhere else peripherally, i usually use a high end pure lavender oil on it and it

tends to go away pretty fast, being the antibacterial, anti fungal that it is.  I do not dilute.

otherwise, my next stop would be a derms office, since you don't know what it is.  It could spread to other areas as well as to others.

Best of health to you and hope it clears soon,

blessings, Dolly


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