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Which lotions or oils do you prefer?


I prefer lotions. The lotion that I've been using for many years is Alba. It's a wonderful lotion, with a nice slip, it comes in a fragrance free version and also in an extra hydrating version.


When I use oils, I prefer cold pressed almost oil for hot stone therapy or jojoba oil for massage therapy.


I'm interested in knowing what brands you prefer.

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Hi Ariana.

Actually to me any lubrication is good.One that having nice slip,non-allergic, and for all types of skin. I am using  Biotone. As you described Alba it could be good material and maybe cheaper. Tried to google but unsuccessful.BTW at Tags you offering link but somehow it didn't lead to additional Alba  information .will appreciate the link. Thank you.

Best wishes.


I use a variety of lotions and oils depending on the person I'm massaging and their specific needs, but in general I try to choose massage lubricants that are natural, nourishing to the skin, free of parabens, etc., while also providing good glide as well as some friction. I love the massage products from Neal's Yard Remedies -- the Geranium & Orange Massage Oil is a 100% organic blend with almond, wheatgerm and olive oil. It's so fragrant and uplifting, but also very nourishing to the skin and goes a long way. The Detox Toning Oil helps eliminate toxins and improves skin's texture. The Almond Oil is super gentle and conditioning and also 100% organic, and the Grapeseed Oil is highly anti-oxidant while providing a light satin finish without being greasy. Neal's Yard Remedies was the first company to sell certified organic esssential oils in the U.K. (starting 30 years ago), and continues to have a strong commitment to quality and therapeutic benefits. The company has even carried out important research into essential oil benefits to the skin and anti-aging at Kingston University in London. If you would be interested in finding out more about how NYR Organic (U.S. channel) could complement your existing business, contact me or visit for more info.       

I prefer Lotus Touch Moisture Rich Lotion.  I found out I was allergic to nut oils a few years back, this lotion is nut oil, paraben and scent free.  Not one complaint of skin irritation for my clients or I since I switched 3 years ago.  Hope this info is helpful.  Blessings.



The best massage oils are from Kodua Naturals in Southern California.  I have used them for years.  They are really the best.  They have natural oils which are non-scented and others including Tea Tree oil, etc.  They also have some great lotions.  They ship direct and pretty quickly.


My two favorite lubricants that I have used exclusively for many years now, are:both from Natural Formulations:


  • Natural Formulations Golden Jojoba Oil
  • Natural Formulations NL-6 Sunflower Deep Tissue Massage Lotion


I find this Jojoba Oil to be of exceptional quality (and if you like Jojoba or want to learn more about it, this thread is a great read).

As for the Sunflower Deep Tissue lotion: I really find this particular one gives me the right amount of glide for the style of work I provide.


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