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I am a guitarist. I have often thought That it would be fun to play soft quiet guitar from a corner of the room during a massage. I imagine music like Michael Hedges, or similar new age style. I think the experience would be good for everyone involved, client, MT, & musician. Have you ever encountered this?

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David lauterstein's cd release titled "Roots and Branches" is strictly a guitar improvisation. It was recorded LIVE as several therapists were working on clients. I encourage you to check the cd out and make the decision if you think it would be beneficial for your clients and process as a therapist/musician.
In most ritual and ceremonial sessions of the ancient world where "Healing" & "Doctoring" was taking place there was always some form of music be it chanting,drums,etc was taking place. In the more esoteric realms of healing touch therapies one utilizes crystal bowls and bells etc. with pretty amazing results for the client's well being and state of mind.
Decide for yourself if your guitar playing would be helpful in a live MT setting. Test the theory,and let us know how it turns out.
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Thanks, Jason.  Yes, Creesab - the CD is available through me or through or  (they have it as MP3 or CD) and there's a little excerpt from the first minute of the CD.


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