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What are some of your favorite musical choices for massage?

Mine include Deva Premal and Miten; Joshua Bell (Violin), Miyabi (Piano), Jeff Gold (Escapes), David Lauterstein (Roots and Branches), Liquid Sound and Enigma.

I'd love to hear from you regarding your musical favorites for massage.

Warmly, Ariana Vincent, Ariana Institute

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Dean Evenson is my favorite
I like - Steven Halpern

We distribute music of many artists.  One of our most popular artists specializing in music for massage, has been Michael Benghiat .  In 1997 we found Michael, loved his talent, and hired him to create the original compositions heard on the Esalen Massage video program.  In the years since then Michael has done over 14 additional music CDs for our company.  He is a wonderful and compassionate artist.

Thanks Ariana....I just saw this and thought I'd say hi.... I have a new CD coming out soon, I'll be sure and send it to you!



Hello all, I recently joined this site and I am still in school, but I have a couple insights and questions about music on which I would like your collective opinions.

In my experience (short as it may be), the music that is used during a treatment is there not only for the client, but for the therapist as well.  If the music I was playing was a piece that I found annoying and pointless, yet is very soothing for the client, I would still not find myself often selecting to play that piece during my treatments.  I find that I cannot possibly concentrate if I hate the music that is being played.

Not imagine how rough this must be for me, an avid Death Metal enthusiast.

Due to this insight, i have sunk a decent amount of time to find music that I like, yet is still calm and relaxing.  However one large question looms in my mind.  What do you think about using music with lyrics in general within the massage setting?  Most of the suggestions I have seen appear to be instrumental in nature, (although I must admit I am not familiar with all of them).  Is there a stigma against music with lyrics?

Lyrics make you want to sing along not relax. I don't often use music because I want to concentrate on the rhythm of the body I am working on. Most of my clients like this and also learn to listen to their bodies.

Most of those already mentioned plus George Skaroulis, Mehdi and Deuter. In the beginning I tried music with lyrics but found them to be in general too distracting for both the client and myself. Instrumentals are much more relaxing and steady in terms of rhythm, therefore I find them better to massage to plus my clients actually prefer them.

@aaron: you're smart to appreciate right away the effect that music will have on your clients.  Remember, your clients will be visiting you for your unique ability to use your massage skills to bring therapeutic benefits to your clients' various body issues.  They will not be visiting you in order to enjoy your iPod playlists! 

I would suggest that the music you use ought to be chosen 100% with the clients' well-being foremost in your mind.  When your day is over, and you go home, then pull out the Limp Bizkit and crank up "Break Stuff"! 

It's difficult to build a client base, and a cinch to lose clients over petty stuff like: unsatisfactory music, too much talking, bad smells, etc.  Remember, the real benefits to your client come from your hands; the music is there like electricity, heat and a/c: it embraces your working environment in a positive way. 

Hey, we're in the business of producing and distributing massage music -- that's all we've done in musicland for over 14 years.  We want our music to support the therapists' working environment, and hopefully contribute to making relaxation easier for the clients, since relaxing is so difficult for many people.  We will re-launch our website within the next month, with many more albums specifically for massage, so check us out

And good luck completing your program!

@ Daniel and Tonya: totally agree with you both!

I play a wide range of music during my sessions. I even allow my clients to "choreograph" their own sessions music. I might play vivaldi for one type of client based on "their" desires or I might play heavy metal ballads for another. Here is the point the human brains reaction to music is different in each one of us. While some of us might relax to nature sounds another might percieve those frogs chirping as fingernails sliding down a blackboard. A person with ADHD may find trance music has the affect of liquid riddlin on them yet get hyper if you play a single track piano piece. I have been at this for thirty years. I always ask a client what their music preferences are. I also ask them each time I see them questions like - vocals? or no vocals? or do you want to feel uplifted at the end of your massage or in the zoned out mode? I feel music is so important that i have a massage room with 10k worth of sound equipment. Yet i still do many sessions w/o music, just breath. That being said I even play chant music and encourage the clients to chant along... why? when you combine the power of breath with the power of massage - let's just call it an out of body experience.


chakra music! Ive tried all kinds in the past but this one wins!


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