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Read this awesome article by Serenity Music's Jim Moeller and share with us and many other therapists, students and educators what you think is the most relaxing music for massage!

Many therapists are looking for the perfect massage music and you can help!


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I haven't heard Jim's music and went to his site to have a listen but couldn't find any of his music to sample.  Personally, I like to listen to music when I work.  Music specifically made for massage tends to bore me.  I have a number of different playlists I use depending on the client on the table but I tend to listen to a lot of Carlos Nakai, a mix of instrumental guitar/ukulele music from Hawai'i, Chopin's nocturnes and impromptus for my clients that like Classical, and Sigur Ros and American Analog Set for my younger clients that aren't interested in listening to more traditional massage music.  I like to have a large repertoire of music with which I can choose from because my clients are all over the place with regards to their musical preferences.


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