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Hi!  Newbie here (awaiting the last of my licensing paperwork to come in the mail).  I often scan Meet Up and other "on-line/in-person" social networking groups for occasions to mingle with potential new clients.   To get exposure, I've thought about signing up as a speaker at one of these "Lunch and Learn" type of events.  I wish to present something more than just a blatant pitch for clients.  What are some catchy topics regarding massage that give me enough material to talk about for 20-30 mins AND attract attendees?  I wouldn't be speaking to other massage professionals, more like general public and other networking professionals.  Also for those that have tried this, I would appreciate hearing how this approach has worked for you.  (I am NOT interested in doing chair massages at one of these events.)
Thanks in advance.

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Rebecca! We have done this a TON...but it seems this message is 18 months old, so you've probably already figured it out by now! LOL!  I posted this page to our site a couple of weeks ago about different lunch and learn presentations we've done

...we normally would do 'Stretching for the Workplace', Workstation Health...or something like that. Booking them with another one to three health professionals who know how to do a great valuable presentation, without the whole thing being a sales infomercial is really helpful too! I hope you've figured out some great ideas...I'd love to hear what you ended up doing, if it helped!




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