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Thanks for posting this Mike. I went to school with the acupuncturist in the article. Small world. I also like to educate my patients about self care at home. I recommend castor oil packs or at least have them massage some castor oil into the affected area at night. I also recommend the Biomat for far infrared therapy at home. More info on the Biomat is on my website More info on castor oil packs at Castor oil is not a Chinese medicine modality but it is very helpful.
Massage and acupuncture do work well together. I usually include both in my treatments. My sister who lived in Norwich told me she got acupuncture for her knees and neck through the public health system. Very nice.

Rick Britton said:
Love the quote 'Ohio hasn't recognised acupuncture as it's too new even though it's been around 4500 years'.

I regularly refer my clients for acupuncture and his office is 150 yards from mine! We work well together, massage and acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the few CAM modalities that IS recognised (for certain conditions) in the UK. That means you can get a referral from Gen Prac and you don't pay


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