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I just signed up for the class and I'm very excited to take it but I'm a little worried about the roughness of my feet. I've been a tomboy my entire life and that includes climbing trees barefoot so I have some pretty thick soles they aren't scratchy or anything, just thick. I was wondering how often y'all get pedicures or if you do just at home care? My class isn't until novemeber but this is one thing I don't want to procrastinate about. Thanks!

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Start now, thats all I can say! There's a difference between forced softness, and gradual softness, forced softness feels glassy sometimes, gradual feels more like the softness of your palms.


If you get a "Mr Pumice" from Sally Beauty supply - or similar stores - just scrub your feet from all angles with that guy. Those are my favorite! Every day in the shower, scrubba scrubba. Find some shea butter and slather your feet in that, then put on socks, and let them marinate over night. You might kick your socks off in your sleep, but for as long as they stay on, it'll help your feet absorb more moisture. My favorite lotion is from Lush.


I usually only get a pedicure to fix my polish each week, or get one if I'm in a tight spot with random roughness that appears after a weekend on the lake or something. I rarely need pedicures to soften my pads, because I work on that at home so much.


Hope that helps!

-Jeni, AOBT instructor

Thank you that helps a lot. I guess I'll stop obsessing about it then. :D I'm curious about so many aspects about Ashiatsu but I guess I should just wait for the class because I'm sure they'll tell me everything I need to know, this is a test of my patience lol.
I have to get a pedicure every 2-3 weeks. So I set up a trade with a coworker. She does my feetsies then gets to feel how soft she made them. Ha. You may have to take a file to your heels a bit more at first. My coworker uses something called hydroxylic acid (or something along that line. You can get it at a Sallys beauty supply) on my heels and big calluses and it makes the skin sluff off faster and easier. Only on the dead skin though. Where are you signed up in November? Just curious.
I love the wonders of paraffin too. But I live in a cold area so the warmth just feels amazing on my toesies


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