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Hello All!

I just received a call from a potential new client who has Pityriasis rosea on her stomach. ( I am under the impression that as long as I avoid the affected area, both she and I will avoid unpleasant consequences but I'd like to ask the community here for any additional feedback on this skin disease.

Thanks for your help.

With light,

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Hey Olga,

I suggest inquiring about your client's pressure sensitivity over the affected area. Adjust your pressure in areas that are sensitive. Hypersensitive or overly sensitive areas or areas of inflammation should be avoided.

Depending on your client’s skin tone, the rash may present as salmon-pink, slightly-raised, and scaly. Inflammation is indicated by additional swelling and heat.

As you already know by your own research, this condition is not contagious.

Hope this helps.
Thank you so much! The added confidence always help. O.


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