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Hope it's ok to post continuing ed here!? Thought you might be interested in some of these as I'll be in the Boston area this fall.

MotherTouch classes are much more than technique classes. They are holistic, fun, inspiring  information rich, and explore with reverence the rites of passage of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.

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Sept 13: Fundamentals of Pregnancy Massage: $160 Brunswick Maine.

Sept 14: Bodywork for the New Mother: $160 Brunswick, Maine

Oct 1: Advanced Pregnancy Massage: $150 Cortiva Institute, Boston, MA

Oct 2: Massage & Acupressure for Birth: $95 Cortiva Institute, Boston, MA

Oct 24-27: MotherTouch Prenatal Certification: $708 Millis, MA

Oct 24: Fundamentals of Pregnancy Massage: $177 Millis, MA

Oct 27: Advanced Pregnancy Massage:  $177 Millis, MA

Nov 7-9: Pregnancy Massage Essentials:  $575 Portland, OR

Nov 14: Advanced Pregnancy Massage: $175 Portland, OR

Nov 15: Bodywork for the New Mother: $175  Portland, OR

Nov 17: Massage & Acupressure for Birth:  $100 Portland, OR

Dec 6-8: The Essential Pelvis: $440, Portland, OR

Dec 13: Massage & Acupressure for Birth: $89 Seattle, WA

Dec 14: MotherTouch Readying & Ripening for Birth: $79 Seattle, WA

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