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What is your favorite classroom CE that you have ever taken?

Why was it great? Who taught the class?

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Cranial Sacral therapy II, in Houston Texas 03/04.  This class was great because it let me really get the feel for the CS rythym I learned in CST1 in 02.  I don't remember the instructors name but he was remarkable in his sensitivity and in guiding me to feeling the pulse in extension and flexion.
Do you recall what the location/school was called?  I go to Houston a lot for my everyday routine and have gone for a class out there too.  I like going to the Herman Memorial Wellness Center in Houston, Tx.  I took the Trigger Point Therapy, and I recall the instructor was great, his name is Antonio Jacobs.  He is incredible with notes, details and hands on work to demonstrate. 
My favorite so far has been Integrative Reflexology with Clara Marie Miller. She made Reflexology fun and easy. I take all my hands on CE classes at the World Massage Festival. This year it will be at Western Carolina University, in North Carolina. I will be taking LOMI LOMI with Gloria Coppola, so anythinhg can change. Always the cheapest and best massage convention in the USA.

trigger point therapy relieves pain that DC and PT and MD cannot.  Unfortunately, a high percentage of LMTs have not developed the skill.


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