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From Practitioner to Owner
The Massage Business Owner's Entrepreneurial Journey

12 CE Contact Hours

If you own, or plan to open a massage establishment, a spa or a wellness center, this program is a must!

If you're already own a massage business, you'll find solutions for your toughest management challenges. If you're planning a facility, you'll leave this program with a clear-cut strategy for business success. This program will put you miles ahead of the competition. This fast-paced, information-packed program is full of original, innovative and practical concepts that are actually at work in top massage centers and spas. This includes tools you'll be able to put to use the day you return to work.

Do you have what it takes?
  • Surprising characteristics of successful massage entrepreneurs
  • Leveraging your strength and mitigating your weaknesses
  • Preparing for the journey from hands on therapist to a CEO
  • Understanding emotional issues that are holding you back
  • Understanding your roll and adapting to change
  • Your communication style and business acumen
Your business check up
  • The importance of developing accurate financial data.
  • Identify the underling causes for present and future business ailments
  • Fair owner compensation
  • Accurate way to identify your ideal customers
  • Objectively evaluating your business' potential to thrive
  • Making your establishment irresistible to clients
Developing a compelling business concept
  • Differentiating your business from your competition
  • What are your customers really buying? Hint: it is not a massage
  • Developing a powerful pricing structure- no more guesswork.
  • Making the most out of your location and facilities.
Working with other massage professionals
  • Independent contractors vs. employees- your most critical decision
  • Customizing the right compensation structure for your concept
  • Incentive programs- which ones work and which ones backfire?
  • Recruiting and retaining great staff
  • Managing difficult massage therapists: flakes and prima donnas
Effective marketing on a limited budget
  • Words you are probably using in your copy that keeps clients away
  • What words will evoke instant trust with potential new clients?
  • The best way to find a constant flow of "low hanging fruits"
  • The most cost effective promotional tool for massage establishments
  • Why are your clients do not come back and how you can change that?
  • Entrepreneurial strategies for massage establishments
  • The art of barter- maximizing its power and avoiding traps.
Avoiding litigations
  • Raising money- for start-up and growth
  • Getting the most out of your lease
  • Buying or selling a massage establishment or a spa

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