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What are some of the tools you use to brand your Mobile Spa Business?  With Mobile Spa's we do not have the luxury of "micromanaging" our staff.  We  do not see our therapsits before or after every appointment.  How do you mantain quaility?  Do you have a manual? Do you follow up with clients?  Do all your therapists wear a logo tee-shirt?  How do you brand your business! 

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Our therapists are required to check in via phone before and after each appointment.


For the majority of our markets, we have a Regional Manager who is a FT employee, not a contractor, who meets with the staff -- sometimes daily (doing couples massages together) sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly, sometimes quarterly depending on if it is in their town or a more distant (for instance, our Mid-Atlantic Manager is based in DC, but covers BAL and PHL)


We work with two quality control providers. Coyle Hospitality does a monthly mystery shop at one of our hotels nationwide. We developed a 20 point checklist to evaluate the quality of the experience. We don't tell people how to do a massage, but we do set expectations of what the clients should experience.


We do have  a "manual" but it is all about product usage and client interaction/customer service, and not about how to do your treatments. Obviously, there is very little variance in how to do our lavender eucalyptus scrub, but all of our massages are customized to the client's aches and pains.


We also have a blurb on the back of our business cards asking clients to go to our website to give feedback. We also email the same questionaire to every client. If  a therapist gets 15 perfect scores on the therapist section of the survey, they earn a free night stay at one of our partner hotels.


Plus, any of our partner hotels are quick to let us know if someone shows up looking or acting unprofessional.


Our best way to ensure consistency and quality is in the hiring screening and orientation process.


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