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I have always heard coffee was bad for you. Hold that thought!


Coffee reduces diabetes risk: 6 cups a day reduced risk 54% for men and 30% for women, but even one cup had some reduction.


Colon cancer: 2 cups a day reduce risk by 80%


Gallstones: 2 cups a day reduce risk 50%


Liver cirrhosis: 2 cups per day reduce risk by 80%


And there are studies showing Parkinson's disease can be reduced risk up to 80%


Coffee has more antioxidants than any other food or beverage in the American diet.


And now the other side of the coin:


Drinking too much coffee may cause heart trouble, as it may cause the arteries around the heart to harden. Just don't drink more than two cups a day, especially if you have high blood pressure and you'll be fine!

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I Gave up the coffee too many years ago to remember the exact year. I drank too much coffee back then and was very jittery all the time. Drank coffee all day and Diet Pepsi all evening and then wondered why I would not sleep. Now I drink Tea maybe 3 or 4 cups in a day morning time only. I have nothing with caffine in it after 3 PM. I think the last time I actually had a cup of coffee was around Christmas 2006. I do enjoy a good cup of Christmas coffee even though I seem to have let that go now.
I drink a couple of cups every morning, and tea in the afternoon.
There has been lots of pros and cons in pass years about coffe, Thanks Mike for the list of good. We will wait to see if any disputes are out there. I personaly have 1 cup in the am and 1 cup of 1/2 and 1/2 in the afternoon for the past year now. Love the taste of a fresh cup! I read a book called Caffine Blues,(I beleive that was the name) after that was when I cut back.
I have a cup in the am also....and maybe one in the pm if it is before 5. Holidays, and some Sundays, I also enjoy a bit of Bailey's in mine. My fave, although very expensive, is Jamaican Blue Mountain. Coffee, like anything else, in moderation.
Good thing I absolutely love the stuff....Except on days when I'm doing Reiki!


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