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Hi.  I'm new to this site and excited to find it.  I am starting a new practice within an orthopedic surgery in New Zealand.  I will be concentrating on working with clients to manage their pain and doing pre-op massage.  I would like to increase my knowledge to be able to perform safe and effective post operative massage as well (maybe even resolve complaints without the need for surgery).

Is anyone able to steer me in the right direction re online courses and resources to help me head in this direction?


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Oops, sorry about spelling... Orthopaedic is how we spell it in New Zealand:)
Hi Janna:
I think you would find a great deal of value in learning more about orthopedic disorders in our online orthopedic massage courses. You can find out more information at:

Let me know if you have any further questions and I'll be happy to help you out.

By all means, read up on and gather Dr.Travell's, two volume bible on trigger points.  I'm not sure your ortho managers will buy into your gaining knowledge of trigger point therapy because you could, in fact, ward off many proposed surgeries with a knowledge of trigger points.  People come to me all the time, especially athletes and those with back, shoulder, and knee issues...already scheduled for surgery or the diagnosis includes surgery...and I have been able to get rid of the triggers causing the pain...and hence, no surgery.  One local ortho here called me one day, after I had helped three of his patients avoid carpel tunnel surgery.  Guess what his first words were..."do you know how much money you've cost men?  Stay away from my patients!"

Thanks Whitney, I have just been listening to you on utube talking about the virtues of online learning. Sounds exciting.

Thanks Larry, we are quite lucky here although I'm sure some surgeons are all about making a profit - the surgeons I work with recommend non surgical options to their clients before resorting to the knife...lucky for me:)  I will look in to Dr Travell's books - I remember they were strongly recommended to me years ago when I did a neuromuscular therapy workshop.


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