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Great News!


I have been a massage therapist for going on 14 years. Use many modalities. This is the first product that has made a huge difference in my clients experiencing pain relief to those really tough problems.


The MT that introduced me to it was told by his doctor that he needed carpal tunnel surgery or he'd never get relief from the pain.  Instead my MT friend got this device and resolved the carpal tunnel himself. I used it on my TMJ and it hasn't come back.


2 weeks ago my regular client came in (age 65) with the effects of a nasty fall while downhill skiing. Along with his customary 90 minute massage I did 2 / 2 minute treatments with this device where he was having the most pain. He came back last week and reported that he couldn't believe how fast he became pain free.


I carry it with me to my out-calls, it is about the size of an electric toothbrush.


It is approved for home use by the FDA so you clients can help themselves anytime and reduce the use of pain medications and in some cases the need for surgery.


Check it out. Call me if you have any questions. Order from my website to get a nice discount.wellness24-7

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