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Hello everyone,

I have been practicing at a DC's office for the last two years (since graduating and licensure), and am finally feeling ready to begin my own practice.  I've leased a small studio space and will be there one day a week to start.  I've been dreaming of this since entering massage school, so a lot of ideas and research have already been put into play.  However, now that I'm ready to launch, I've realized that the answers to a lot of legal and technical questions that I have are simply not to be found online (without joining AMTA or another such group-which obviously offer tons of support, but for which I am not at a place of wanting to contribute financially to right now).

A few of the questions I am having trouble getting any sort of clarification on:

*What legal forms do I need to have signed by my client before beginning treatment?  What is a good resource for finding and printing said documents?

*Where can I find out which insurance companies I should attempt to be credentialed with, and if they are an "umbrella" for other companies?

My main curiosity is this: Where do you go to get answers to and support for basic questions such as these?

I appreciate any insights you all can provide!  Thank you!

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