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CAM in a United Front: Why Are We Doing This Ourselves?

At the Highlighting Massage Therapy in CIM Research conference 2010, William Meeker, DC, MPH asks the salient question “Why are we trying to do this by ourselves?”


Moderating the panel “Role of Massage Therapy in Public Health”, Meeker described that CAM professions are all pursuing the same goals: generating research and evidence-based practice, lobbying government for policy change and inclusion in health care, negotiating with the insurance industry for better service…


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Be Prepared for Emergencies at Work, Home and Travel


Recently I attended a CPR / First Aid course - the first I've attended in many years.  Over the two days the instructor put us in unfamiliar mock emergency situations to test our response.  We addressed anaphylaxis,…


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Massage Therapists at Work: An Era of Change and Challenge

A new working model for massage therapists is emerging rapidly and perhaps insidiously. In the first of this two-part post, we’ll examine critical factors changing the way massage therapists work. Part II will examine the changes and challenges the new work environment will provide.

Since the distinct separation from the physiotherapy and nursing professions, massage therapists have largely been self employed working from home or renting space from another RMT, chiropractor or…


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Say "Yes!" to Your Professional Association

What does the survival of your practice have to do with being a member of your professional association? Plenty.

As practitioners we often focus on the micro-management – attracting and retaining business, recognizing referral sources, negotiating agreements, managing finances, charting, etc. – factors within our direct control and influence. However, our businesses are not islands unto themselves and are affected by multi-layered external frameworks such as…


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Can MT Hold Multiple Identities Successfully?

It appears we – as massage therapists - are trying to fit all the definitions of massage into one basket, hence trying to serve all populations with a single, definitive model. Historically, massage has origins from post World War rehab in physiotherapy and nursing, where massage was one of many methods or modalities applied in the larger scope of these two professions. Massage also hails roots from the European spa/aesthetic field and, of course, there are influences from… Continue

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