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Iowa House File 2342 has been on my radar for several weeks (initially introduced as HF 2126). Yesterday, I received a further communication on it, which stated that “the bill as written will not be brought up for consideration unless Matt Windschitl (the sponsor of the bill) requests it. The understanding is he will hold the bill until next year so there will be time for positive feedback from the profession and new language can be, at that time, introduced with the support of the massage community.”

That’s good, because at this time, it doesn’t have the support of anyone except the misguided person who set it in motion, nor should it.

I was initially stunned at the poorly-written and ill-conceived bill that eliminates the education requirement for massage therapy, which is currently 600 hours. The first draft of the bill I saw just struck through the education requirement altogether, although line 25 still says “meets or exceeds Iowa’s educational requirements.” This upset me to the point that I called on several Iowa residents and people in the know, who basically assured me that it was a “placeholder” bill….a simple explanation of a placeholder bill is that “the deadline for introducing any bills is imminent, and we’ve got to get something in there now that we can revise later”….one of those quirks of politics.

As of February 21, I hate to report that the revision doesn’t look any better. The language getting rid of the 600-hour requirement is still there, and nothing to take it’s place.

I have had three reliable sources state to me that this bill was introduced at the request of a school owner who is upset about federal regulations on financial aid, and that the true intent of the bill is to change clock hours to credit hours.READ MORE...

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Comment by Relax & Rejuvenate on February 27, 2012 at 1:17pm

Am I missing something? I can’t seem to find the blog post about Obamacare, where we had to “pass the bill in order to know what is in it”

“I’m less upset about the education requirements than I am of the sheer arrogance of such an action”

Not sure what could be more arrogant than the “Disgrace in DC” of 2009, Obamacare will phase out Health Savings Accounts, which currently can be used to pay for massage therapy.

So clock hours vs. credit hours = DISGRACE, eliminating a means for people to afford massage therapy and other ACM = SILENCE

I think indignace needs to be prioritized.

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