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CAMTC Responds to "Money Grab" Accusations from Massage Today

Last week, Massage Today President Donald Peterson published an article entitled The CAMTC Money Grab. It cast the CAMTC in a very unfavorable light; to make a long story short, it appeared to expose excessive financial wrongdoing at the organization by stating that the CAMTC was paying the expenses and per diem for no less than 14 board members to attend the American Massage Conference. The AMC is a moveable event that is held each year in a different location, and this year’s event was taking place in San Diego.

Peterson backed up his claims of financial excess with a table showing who voted to spend the money and who didn’t, and also stated that Massage Today Senior Associate Editor Kathryn Feather had actually been on the CAMTC conference call when the vote was taken about spending the money. The criticism was that although it was not unanimous, that for the most part the people who voted to spend it were the people who were going to receive it. In reality, that’s the way it goes on all boards; board members vote on things, and that includes where and when to attend events and how much money will be spent on it, so there’s really nothing unusual about that.

I shared this article on my Facebook page, and immediately started hearing from board members of the CAMTC that Peterson’s story was very biased and not telling all the facts. Since I initially shared it and contributed to giving a bad impression of the organization, I made the offer to them that I would give them equal time on my blog to present their side of the story. The fallout from this has been swift, not the least of which is the resignation of Keith Eric Grant from the magazine, which he has been contributing to since 2002. Grant is a CAMTC board member, and someone I have admired as a writer, a scientist, and a person from afar. He has been blogging about the politics of massage way before I started. I haven’t had the opportunity to meet him in person, but we have been FB friends for several years, and as I stated on my page, I would believe pigs would fly before I would believe that he would misrepresent the truth.

Grant’s response to the Massage Today article can be read in its entirety here.

I also immediately heard from Joe Bob Smith, another CAMTC board member, whom I have personally met several times. Joe Bob’s response to my sharing the article on FB was this:

Laura, sometimes your quick fingers get something going without hearing from the other side. As a CAMTC board member, I believe that Massage Today wrote a biased piece with missing and incorrect information. I’ll be happy to defend the actions of the board any day. The CAMTC is made up of 20 terrific volunteers, many working massage therapists themselves. They put a lot of their own time (and time is money) into this organization. Many will be losing money by volunteering at the AMC. READ MORE...

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Comment by Massage By Tricia on March 31, 2013 at 8:17pm

This blog is not about envy, it is about #facts !!!  It was presented in a format that explained each side!!!

Comment by Massage By Tricia on March 31, 2013 at 8:14pm

Thx for the this blog post!

Comment by Relax & Rejuvenate on May 23, 2012 at 7:04am

I think CAMTC is the best thing to happen to the massage and spa industry in CA. By only employing CAMTC therapists, I no longer have to shell out an average of $2,000 per location for a the local massage establishmetn licenses and permits.

If there is a "money grab" going on anywhere in CA, it is the local massage permitting offices that raked in considerable $$.


In case you had not noticed, CA is gong down the toilet economically  -- already got flushed on other dimensions -- and keeping more $$ out of wasteful local government is fine by me.


And why does anyone care what other people earn? You will be bittter and resentful of everyone and everything. If MTs earn to little in CA, then they need to work harder at building their businesses and brand.


Jody, where are you complaints about the local government WASTING more than 100X what a massage therapist earns?  So you are happier giving more money to the government to waste than you are to CAMTC for helping MTs work across multiple jurisdictions and helping massage establishments -- including those of sole proprietors earning less than $20 an hour -- lower their expenses?


Sounds like your envy is getting in the way of what really matters.

Comment by Daniel Cohen on April 25, 2012 at 9:55am

In California this whole issue is highly political and many fear discussion would jeopardize renewal of the law approving state wide certification.

Comment by Jody C. Hutchinson on April 25, 2012 at 9:42am


Thanks for presenting both sides of this story. I am amazed that so few California therapists have noticed. I was appalled at the salary for the Director's position and have resisted signing on with the CAMTC for this reason. I imagine Mr. Netanel is very qualified as a CEO, however, it is insulting to each and every MT in California who earns less than 10% of the CEO's salary. Why have the board members been so quick to disparage anyone who rallies against them. I am personally and professionally disgusted by the actions of the board to rubber stamp such a huge salary in light of current economic conditions and the fact that so many massage school graduates have to possibility of making less than $20.00 per hour working.

Thanks again for bringing truth to power.


Jody H.

part of the resistance

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