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Massage Envy: I'll take an order of wings with that massage, please.

What do chicken wings, magnetic signs, garbage collection, pet food and massage all have in common? They are all products or services offered by franchises that are owned by Roark Capital Group of Atlanta, Georgia. This company has invested $3 Billion Dollars in collections of franchises across the US and around the world. Their latest acquisiiton is the chain of more than 800 Massage Envylocations, which has brought massage to the masses, and is now grossing about $1 Billion Dollars per year.

Massage Envy has often been referred to as the McDonald’s of massage. Actually, we have to leave McDonald’s out, but we can include Arby’s, Cinnabon, Carvel Ice Cream, Auntie Anne’s (the pretzel people), Schlotzsky’s, WingStop, Seattle’s Best, McFornaio, McAlistar’s Deli, Moe’s Southwest Grill, and the Corner Bakery.

Along with all these food venues, Roark also owns the Atkins diet brand–I guess after you get fat on all the fast food, they’re ready to slim you down with the diet stuff–as well as pet stores, several garbage pickup companies, a truck washing company, and more.

I have come to the defense of Massage Envy many times. They provide employment for about 16,000 massage therapists, many of whom are students fresh out of school. READ MORE...

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Comment by Matt Murray, Lmp on October 23, 2012 at 8:25pm

At least there bringing Massage to the mainstream public eye. I just do my thing and let them do there’s. I could spend time getting frustrated about Massage Envy but I choose not to and this lets me focus on my own practice.


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