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Early this week, I got an excellent email from one of our new users.  He nicely laid out some of the necessary elements to make MassageCRM truly useful.  The best thing about this email is that our user has been working on a system of bookkeeping and documents to make his business entirely paperless - and that's EXACTLY what MassageCRM is hoping to help accomplish.  

As such, one of the features he was really interested in that is not easily done with existing software is the notion of "referrals", so this week, I added a "Referred By" field for new clients.  I've also added a report so you can see your new clients and who referred them.

I'll be working on more features in the weeks to come and I'm really looking forward to getting a healthy and successful customer base.  Also - Ben Minne at Efficient Design make some slick new logos for us.  I think he's going to help us with MassageCRM as well.

If you haven't made it over to MassageCRM yet, follow the link and sign up for a Beta account.

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