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Merging Service Providers and Users Into Team Members!

With the awesome changes we made to our pricing back in July, we’ve also made some adjustments to service providers and users.

As we now only bill you for the number of active team members in your account (a team member is a service provider or user), it’s important we make understanding what a team member is super simple for you.

To do this, we’ve merged these two areas together to form Team Members.

Where you can now find Team Members

You can find all your service providers and users in one spot under Team Members in the top navigation (where service providers used to be located):

A service provider is a team member that provides services to your customers.

A user is a team member that works within your business and does not provide services to your customers, like a business partner or receptionist.

When adding a team member, if the type of team member you’re adding is a service provider, just check the Mark as service provider toggle:

You can learn more about Team Members in Mystro Help & Support.

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