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I want to share with you now my journey and passion as a Sound Healer .As a Sound Healing artist who creates transformational combinations of music, healing arts and sacred performance. Learn to meditate more easily, reduce any stress and anxiety, and unleash your innate ability for physical healing. Extraordinary healing arts practitioner is an inspired, muse who combines Massage Therapy, Energy and Sound Healing, and very special essential oils. Harmonic Sound Bodywork is a flowing blend of massage, deep stillness, and vibrational healing with Tuning Forks, Crystal Bowls ,Tibetan Singing Bowls,Tingshas . All of my sessions provide you with a deep and sacred experience of peace, inspiration and renewal. Influenced while growing up in a coastal town in New England, Inspired by my childhood days spent by the ocean(collecting sea glass and putting my ear to the inner of a conch shell) a lifelong connection to the deep, mystical aspects of the sea and its relationship to the inner realms. I feel a kinship with mermaids, mythical beings, saints, spiritual practices and world mythologies which inspire us to create our lives as works of art and beauty grounded in love and service. Call for info or Book an appointment and see what Sound Healing can do for you. Soundly ..... Donna Aloia

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