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Pay For Massage Using Flexible Spending Account

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1. you need to sign up for a flexible spending account. Your employer (and a third-party administrator of some sort) will pull money from your paycheck before they take out income taxes. You decide how much to deduct each year for health care expenses that insurance doesn’t cover, keeping in mind that if you don’t use the money within a year or so, you lose it.


2. ask the administrator of your account whether massages are expenses eligible for reimbursement.

If they are, you will need a prescription from your doctor for massage therapy to use your account to pay for the massage.

Most doctors are happy to oblige once you explain the reasoning to them; (If the employees at your administrator won’t approve the expense, you can point them to the study that the article cites and remind them that the giant flexible spending account run by the federal government will approve reimbursement for massage if a doctor believes it to be medically necessary).


3. make your massage appointment. You will need to pay upfront and then apply for reimbursement (don’t forget to submit your doctor’s note or prescription & provide a prescription note to your massage therapist for medical records).


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